Christchurch Hearthstone Championship 2017 - Tournament Info

Hey Hearthstoners,

We introduce to you the Christchurch Hearthstone Championship (C.H.C.)!

This is your chance to experience eSports and win your share of $1,000 cash!

Here's how it works:

  1. Register by 26 March 2017 by selecting 'Going' on the Event Page

  2. You will be assigned to 8-man Qualifiers in the week starting 27 March. These will be played out online (at home).

  3. If you qualify you will play at the LAN finals at EPIC Innovation Christchurch (76/106 Manchester St, Christchurch Central, Christchurch 8011) on Sunday 2 April 2017 starting from 11am.

Register for the Tournament HERE!

You can win a FREE ENTRY into the qualifier by winning one of our Daily Free Tournaments where we give away 600 Gems to the winner. Like our Facebook page for live updates on these Free tournaments. Otherwise Entry fees are $ 6 USD (600 Gems) and will be paid when you join the qualifier through the Hearthrank program.

All matches will be Bo5 with 1 Ban (prepare 4 decks and 1 gets banned, Standard, Conquest format and will be played through the Hearthrank program. Players will need to register a Hearthrank account and download the Hearthrank client in order to compete. You will need a PC to use the Hearthrank program.

Any player is allowed to join given that they are able to make it to the LAN Finals.

If you are competing and under the age of 16 please bring a written form of parental approval to the LAN event

The LAN Finals will be a 16-man single elimination tournament (format may change depending on number of sign ups). The $1,000 (NZD) prize pool breakdown will be as follows :

  • $250    1st
  • $150    2nd
  • $100    3rd & 4th
  • $50      Top 8
  • $25      Top 16

Cash prizes will be paid out at the LAN Finals.

Important Information

It is very important that you play in at least one Hearthrank tournaments prior to joining a Qualifier so you understand how the program works. The Daily Free tournaments are a great introduction.

We will use the Facebook event page as our main form of communication. We also have the Hearthrank subreddit and Hearthrank Discord channel as an alternative form of communication.

Spectators are encouraged to come to the LAN Finals so feel free to join us for the occasion and bring your friends along too!

Hearthrank is only supported on Windows PC, so you will need to use one to play in the qualifier. Computers will be provided in the LAN Finals.

If you are unsure about anything please post your questions on our Facebook page. If you would like to talk to me directly, pm me through discord or give me a call on 021 119 0520.

Sign up your Hearthrank account and Register for the Tournament NOW!.

We want to bring an awesome eSports experience to our hometown in Christchurch, New Zealand where competitive gaming hasn't quite taken off. We are also using this tournament as a testing ground for our new program Hearthrank. Hearthrank is a tournament facilitator that allows players to play in Hearthstone tournaments for free or for real money. We want to use this tournament as an opportunity to grow a local community which we hope will translate into an online ecosystem.